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Recruitment and Selection

Talent Sourcing

Our recruitment team are experts in managing your requirements and sourcing only the best talent for your organisation.

Our Approach:

One of our Recruitment Managers who is an expert in your industry meets with you to discuss your detailed vacancy requirements.

  • We source candidates according to the specific competencies and technical skills identified.
  • We conduct Targeted Selection Competency Based Interviews with each candidate ensuring that the identified competencies are targeted for job and motivational fit.
  • We provide a Quality Shortlist to you - preferably in person to discuss, or if necessary via email.
  • We conduct Verification/Reference checks.
  • We handle full consulting and management of the process including the Start Date.
  • We manage the remuneration to ensure that we provide you, our client, with an effective personal service.


Talent sourcing

We offer personal Recruitment Expertise and listen to your particular needs when sourcing the right person for your Executive Vacancy.

Our Approach:
  • We conduct Competency Based Interviews with each candidate.
  • We provide you with a Quality Shortlist during a personal meeting with our Recruitment Expert Consultant.
  • We process Validation and Qualification Checks on each shortlisted candidate. 






Advert Response and Graduates

advert response

Our Graphic Designer is highly skilled in designing all your advertisements and layout requirements to the best effect for visual impact.

Our Approach:

We offer design of adverts to attract the most talented candidates to your organisational requirements.

  •  Our Graphic Designer will meet with you to discuss your corporate brand requirements and then design according to your specifications.

The advert response service is done to ensure optimum filtering and management of top shortlisted candidates. We use best practice processes that cut down on your time spent doing this function.

  • One of our assigned Recruitment Research Team Members will accept the ad response/s and filter the right candidate/s to provide our Consultant with a shortlist.
  • The Consultant will commence with Competency Based Interviews and provide you, the Client with the top shortlisted candidates.


Graduate sourcing and management

Our Graduate Team comprises Corporate and SME experts who have managed Graduate Programmes and sourced Graduates according to the clients’ requirements and objectives.
These may include placement, succession planning, development and long term success for each individual according to their studies and completed qualifications.

Our Approach:

A TPS Consultant will meet with you to determine requirements of your grad programme. Our Recruitment team will source suitable graduates for the grad programme.

  • Recruitment team will conduct graduate interviews including competency-based questions and simulation recordings for the client to view. They will then:
  • Complete validation checks on each graduate.
  • Provide a shortlist provided to you.
  • Manage the grads onsite.
  • Train and coach the graduates for the duration of the Graduate Programme.





Development and Workshops


Gen Edwards is our expert in design and development of training material customised according to your requirements and your organisation’s strategic objectives.

Our Approach:

Our analysts, instructional designers and developers will:

  •  Request a personal meeting to discuss current reality and future reality objectives.
  • Analyse your requirements and meet with Subject Matter Experts within the business.
  • Draft a design of material and provide you with information to assess changes before final material is developed into a training programme for the organisation.
  • Develop materials, including visual aids, assessment tools, facilitator guides as requested.
  • Complete final implementation through our consulting team to ensure the client team is able to implement according to Principles of Adult learning
  • Train the Trainer if this is a client request



TPS has a pool of talented, accredited facilitators on hand to facilitate your material should you require us to. In addition, we have designed and developed interactive learning material with a particular business slant as appropriate to our core business. They are all aligned to current unit standards on the SAQA database.

We offer the following public and in-house workshops.

Our Workshops:

A TPS Consultant will meet with you to determine requirements of your grad programme. Our Recruitment team will source suitable graduates for the grad programme.

    • The World of Work - the next Steps to your Future.
    • Accredited Recruitment and Selection.
    • Write Right! Business Writing Skills.
    • Coaching Solutions.

Please ask one of our Consultants for the workshop outlines and specific outcomes that are addressed.